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Margin Trading dated 07th July, 2017

  • High/Low Trade Execution Range (TER) in Scrip Details:-
    In the Scrip Details dialog box, the two new fields introduced are High TER and Low TER

    NOTE: - Orders shall be matched and trades shall take place only if the trade price is within the reference price and execution range.

  • The High Price Range and Low Price Range Fields in Watchlist:-
    The two fields, High Price Range and Low Price Range can be also added to be viewed in the watchlist

  • Margin Trading facility:-
    As the name suggests, the product assist clients in financing their trades. In MARGIN TRADING, client keep their stock as collateral and mainly against the collateral value, the broker finances X % of the client’s trade.

    NOTE: - It is mandatory to accept the disclaimer from Weblinks -> Services group -> ProductServices -> Margin Trading Disclaimer for Margin Trading

    Usually for all other products, apart from MARGIN TRADING, the margin is provided (against the base capital, stocks in DP and the product) by broker to client for X number of days. After that number of days i.e. T + X days, the client is supposed to pay or else the broker can liquidate the client’s stock.

    To place MARGIN TRADING order, the order mark should be selected as Margin Trading

  • Predefined Super Multiple Watchlist:-
    A Pre-defined, Super Multiple watchlist in the Watchlist pane with separate Equity, Derivatives and Currency watchlist for each is introduced.

    The three individual watchlist of Equity, Derivatives and Currency comes handy for client to pick stocks and directly place Super Multiple order using the F1 button for buy order and F2 button forsell.

    NOTE: - Super Multiple order are not available for option contract.

  • Predefined Auto Invest Watchlist:-
    The pre-defined watchlist with set of stocks suggested by the team promoting SIP would be directly available for trade.

  • Direct Super Multiple Buy and Sell Order Form via Watchlist:-
    Right-click from the WatchList will now facilitate client with two new button i.e. Super Multiple Buy and Super Multiple Sell

    NOTE: - Apart from the pre-defined Super Multiple watchlist, the Super Multiple order can be directly placed using the Shift +F1 keys.

  • Order via Derivative Plus Watchlist are Auto Marked as Derivative Plus:-
    The concept of auto marking the order from respectively watchlist is also included to the predefined Derivative Plus watchlist.

    The Order Mark as Derivative Plus is automatically selected if any contract is selected by the predefined watchlist as illustrated below.

  • Move Delivery Marked Stock to Margin Trading:-
    To directly increase our finance input to MARGIN TRADING, we can now keep our stock as collateral from the Report -> Net Position -> Sell from Existing report.

    Click the Delv. Mark stock and right-click to select Mark to Margin Trading

    NOTE: - For collaterals, NSE exchange is given preference over BSE exchange

  • Highlighter for 52 Week High And Low:-
    Three different shades of Green and Red are displayed in watchlist for LTP, on reaching the 52 week High/Low price.

    Any one shade out of the three gradients to be displayed are calculated (darkest shade (0 - 2%), darker (2-5%), dark (5 – 7%) based on the LTP price achieved, helps us to track the LTP via live updation of the 52Week High and 52 Week Low price. The color becomes darker as the LTP is achieving or it is to nearest price of the current 52 Week High or low price.

    Color code for Stocks closer to 52-week high

       - range 0% and 2%

       - range 2% and 5%

       - range 5% and 7%

    Color code for Stocks closer to 52-week low

       - range 0% and 2%

       - range 2% and 5%

       - range 5% and 7%

  • Feedback for the Application Ratings:-
    The Feedback icon on the top right side on the main panel is now re-directed to the Litmus feedback page

    The Litmus Feedback page is more interactive with attractive GUI, ratings starting from Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good and Excellent.

    Just on a single click, client can rate the application and accordingly the color will change.